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Transformations for Teaching: Findhorn 21st – 23rd May

I an delighted to be speaking at the Transformations for Teaching conference this year and am spending my day preparing for it. I am talking about our work with the horses with children and young people:

  • children in mainstream education
  • children with learning difficulties
  • children who have suffered abuse of some sort
  • young people who have offended or at risk of offending.

I’m excited about sharing this, especially as we are gradually collecting hard evidence that being with the horses makes a difference both to learning and wellbeing.

Quite apart from this being a wonderful conference, Findhorn is a magical place – especially in May when the days are long and often sunny. Great for beach walks and bird watching!

It also has an interesting collection of eco-houses ranging from some like the one in photo that are made from old whisky barrels through to wonderful modern homes – all of which have helped it to be a centre of excellence for the construction of eco buildings.

Susie says….

I’m so excited. I’m wearing my new mask today. I had an eye injury about eight years ago and I need to wear a mask when I’m outside to protect my eye from sun and wind. My old mask was getting very scruffy and worn so now I have a new one. It’s a soft silver colour so it will match me and my pink wardrobe!

Annie says …

It was a warm sunny day today and when I came in for tea my coat was dry and so I was brushed. It was soooo nice to get all the mud out of my coat. Lots of my coat came out too! I was very good and stood still all by myself. Hoping for lots more sunny days.

In this picture Katie and I are grooming each other – but I also like being groomed by humans too.

Darcy says…

I’ve been wearing a rug most of the winter and I’ve been so glad of it on all the snowy days and frosty nights. Now it is so lovely to have it off in the day time and have a delicious naked roll to get rid of all the itchy bits. My winter coat is growing out and soon I will have my beautiful sleek summer coat. I’m a handsome chap as you can see and I like to look my best for the ladies who visit me – and bring me carrots and apples.

It’s such a beautiful sunny day and I love to feel the warmth on my back again. Soon the new grass will start to grow – but then Beth will put us in a small paddock as she says too much grass makes us fat!

More about my treat – and some good learning

Mike Southon Beermat.bizHad a great time yesterday. Highlight was a talk by Mike Southon, the beermat entrepreneur who gave us key business ideas via a story with a Beatles theme. Mike’s way of combining a passion with work!

He also gave a great definition of the difference between money and wealth. Money is what you have in bank. Wealth is what you have left even if you have no money. His top tips for wealth creation are:

  1. Treat people as you would want to be treated
  2. Help people
  3. Tell the truth

Sounds simple – but a little harder to practice! I’m going to keep this mind today. Inspired to try too?

Spring has come

Dafodils at last in MidmarAt last the snow has gone and spring has arrived in Midmar. While I was out with the horses this morning, I heard skylarks singing overhead for the first time this year. The days are lengthening too and I can see the daffodils under the hedge poking their way through the still cold earth. What a joy their sunny flowers will be in a few weeks time.

Chelsea’s thoughts

It’s great to be out in the fields with my herd again and enjoying the grass. Hay is very tasty but I do prefer grass. I also found a lovely puddle of melted snow to drink from. We always have fresh water in our trough but “wild water” always tastes better – especially after I’ve stirred it up with my hoof to make a muddy cocktail!

Making the most of a lazy day as we are back at work again now. We have a mixture of people who come to see us. Some of them need our help and support and some of them need to learn. We like them all – and they like us too because they know we are honest and trustworthy.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend too.